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I purchased a camera lens worth $1100 in October that was supposed to be released in November. Two days before the shipment I got an e-mail that the shipment will be delayed by almost a month. Early December I got a notification saying the lens will arrive on December 7th. I stayed home to accept the delivery. I got a notification in the afternoon that the lens was delivered, so I went checking. Nothing was at my door. I immediately contacted BB and they started an investigation. Since December 7th I have called BB every Monday and every Monday they told me the refund will hit my account in 3 to 5 business day. February 6th was my last called when they told me apparently FedEx claims it was delivered so they would deny any refund and I should take up the dispute with the finance company (Citi Bank). I did file a dispute bu the moral of the story is do not buy online for BB. As of now, I purchased the same lens from another vendor but still out 1100 until the Bank provides a resolution. My fear is, I have no proof the lens was never delivered (they also have no proof I received it).

Best place to buy research papers

best place to buy research papers


best place to buy research papersbest place to buy research papersbest place to buy research papersbest place to buy research papers