Code ethics comparison essay

Trilogy will treat all vendor and supplier relationships in a fair and reasonable manner, consistent with all applicable laws and good business practices. We promote competitive procurement to the maximum extent practicable. Our selection of suppliers and vendors will be made on the basis of objective criteria including quality, price, delivery, and service. Our purchasing decisions will be made on the supplier's ability to meet our needs, and not on personal relationships and friendships. We will always employ the highest ethical standards in the administration of all purchasing activities. Trilogy employees may accept gifts that are handmade and of nominal value per employee per year from any one vendor or organization that has a business relationship with Trilogy. However, gifts from vendors are discouraged. For purposes of this paragraph, physicians practicing in Trilogy facilities are considered to have such a relationship. Trilogy employees cannot accept gifts of monetary value from residents. However, it is permitted to accept handmade gifts and crafts that have only intrinsic value. You may never accept cash or cash equivalents, such as gift certificates. Finally, under no circumstances may you solicit a gift.

The counseling profession has experienced a substantial amount of growth, development and change in the nine years since the release of the 2005 code, and the Ethics Revision Task Force thought it was important for the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics to address the current professional and societal climate. Therefore, task force members carefully considered feedback from practitioners in the field to ensure the revised ethics code would provide guidance for current practices and challenges in the profession, says Francis, who also coordinates EMU’s counseling training facility and sees clients on a limited basis.

Code ethics comparison essay

code ethics comparison essay


code ethics comparison essaycode ethics comparison essaycode ethics comparison essaycode ethics comparison essay