Master thesis in plc

Mr. Picotte is a Senior Advisor providing advisory services to Denham and its portfolio companies. Since 2013, he has been the Chairman and a shareholder of px Group Ltd, a leading provider of O&M, engineering and trading services for midstream, power generation and industrial infrastructure assets in the United Kingdom. He is also currently the Managing Partner of Aksiom Partners, which focuses on European small- and mid-cap energy services companies. Previously, he served as a Managing Director and Senior Advisor at ArcLight Capital Partners from 2001-2014, where he led their European investment activity.

The master thesis "HW-SW-Codesign of a compact PLC with special consideration of real-time performance" documents the development of the hardware and the software of the RPiPLC 24D1 (Rev. 3 und 4), a compact PLC for research and educational purposes based on the single board computer Raspberry Pi (1) and the construction of a prototype. Hardware support for event based control, conformance to relevant standards, integration of reasonable protective features and of course the real-time performance are considered specially. The real-time performance, in particular the achievable response time, is examined based on the prototype and improved by modifying the software until it matches the defined requirements.

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Master thesis in plc

master thesis in plc


master thesis in plcmaster thesis in plcmaster thesis in plcmaster thesis in plc