Perfect day essay

In this cartoon, you can see a mother asking her son: "What have you been doing?". The boy replies: "Nothing, mum".

  • Why is this in Present Perfect Continuous? Click on the button labled "event 1". You can see that the boy is playing a computer game. Now click on the button labeled "event 2". In this scene, someone knocks at the door. It's his mother. In the next scene, she asks him "what have you been doing?". The use of Present Perfect Continuous is correct here because in this last scene Marcus no longer is playing a computer game (he stopped the moment he heard someone knocking at the door). This is exactly use 2 described above.

4 Minute Stretching Routine for Desk Sitters: I like to do a full squat (60 seconds), shoulder dislocates (10 reps, ~1 minute), and the couch stretch (60 seconds each leg) each day. I find these three stretches target the primary problem areas for people who sit all day. Squats open up your hips, shoulder dislocates open up your thoracic spine, and the couch stretch opens up your hip flexors. All three tend to contract over time from prolonged sitting, which is why you see old people at the supermarket who look like a curled over C.

There were even a couple of times when I’d fill in for the regular coaches at the games. I’ll admit that this was a little nerve-racking, and I’m sure this was true for Sasha as well, who may have winced when her dad would voice his displeasure with a particular call made by the referee. But I was so proud, watching her run up and down the court, seeing her learn and improve and gain confidence. And I was hopeful that in the years to come, she would look back on experiences like these as the ones that helped define her as a person – and as a parent herself.

Perfect day essay

perfect day essay


perfect day essayperfect day essayperfect day essayperfect day essay