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I am using the GTAP framework to assess the systemic effects of increased economic relations between Brazil and the countries of the America Continent. To this end, we build scenarios such as: a) the formation of a new Free Trade Area of the Americas, namely, the elimination of import tariffs and export subsidies and production among the members; b) assessment of agreements such as the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur; and c) evaluation of NAFTA agreements - Mercosur, among others. We expected to bring answers on the trade integration of the Brazilian economy with other American countries.

MSU is the only university in the state to hold the triple crown of designations: CAE-R, CAE-CO & CAE-CDE. Thanks to its  Center for Computer Security Research (CCSR) , it has developed major research strengths in AI, computer forensics, and cryptography. For example, MSU has its own  National Forensics Training Center (NFTC) , which is funded by the Department of Justice to train law enforcement officers to fight cyber crime. What’s more, CCSR is particularly committed to encouraging the participation of women in cyber security through internships, camps, and mentorship.

Purdue graduate thesis office

purdue graduate thesis office


purdue graduate thesis officepurdue graduate thesis officepurdue graduate thesis officepurdue graduate thesis office