Quindlen essay

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Another sad little phrase is "If only," and there are always plenty of them littering the valleys of tragedy. If only there had been long-term intervention and medication, Kip Kinkel might be out of jail, off the taxpayers' tab and perhaps leading a productive life. If only Sam Manzie had been treated aggressively earlier, new psychotropic drugs might have slowed or stilled his downward slide. And if only those things had happened, Faith Kinkel, William Kinkel, Mikael Nickolauson, Ben Walker and Eddie Werner might all be alive today. Mental-health care is health care, too, and mental illness is an illness, not a character flaw. Insurance providers should act like it. Hospitals and schools should act like it. Above all, we parents should act like it. Then maybe the kids will believe it.

With one of the most prestigious literary departments in the world, ICM Partners represents a wide range of writers, including authors of bestselling fiction and non-fiction books, prominent newspaper and magazine journalists, as well as recipients of the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, and many other literary honors. Among the agency’s clients are acclaimed and popular authors such as Patricia Cornwell, Thomas L. Friedman, Cormac McCarthy, Walter Isaacson, Toni Morrison, Anna Quindlen, Carl Hiaasen, . Doctorow, Anthony Swofford, John Feinstein, Vince Flynn, Nelson DeMille, Chris Cleave, Ann Patchett, Jennifer Egan, Katherine Boo, and Steve Martin. For each of the last several years, ICM has represented more than 100 titles on The New York Times Best Sellers list. In addition to selling publication rights, ICM’s New York literary agents work closely with ICM agents in Los Angeles to seek out opportunities for film and television adaptations. For foreign rights, ICM works in partnership with Curtis Brown in London, who sell UK and translation rights to ICM books. In recent years, ICM has joined forces with two outside literary agencies: Rafe Sagalyn in Washington, DC and Gelfman/Schneider in New York.

Quindlen essay

quindlen essay


quindlen essayquindlen essayquindlen essayquindlen essay