Who killed jfk and why essay

This Enhanced E. Book Edition, will make a great Historical reference-archive for your personal library; and can be used freely by you in lectures as a valuable educational teaching tool. This unique e-book includes videos, pictures, and the truth not government lies, forgery, and lone nut assassin propaganda about what really happened in Dealey Plaza that day. Much of this new information has been hidden in plain sight for over 50 years, preserved in movies and photographs that were taken by numerous eye witnesses, yet they have never been seen or heard about before by the majority of the American people, who deserve to know the truth; Because God has said: "The truth will set you free!"

So the death of Kennedy (and later his brother, Robert, ensured this) created a regime change that was highly satisfactory to substantial forces in the US. Whether they were involved is speculative, but they certainly didn’t stand in the way of the forces that killed Kennedy. I think the gathering of evidence that District Attorney tried to gather, but was defeated by mysterious “accidents” and disappearances of witnesses and evidence. While Oliver Stone has been criticized for his film “JFK”, I thin it is an interesting summary of stuff that was never seen by the Warren Commission.

Who killed jfk and why essay

who killed jfk and why essay


who killed jfk and why essaywho killed jfk and why essaywho killed jfk and why essaywho killed jfk and why essay